Acunetix Windows and Linux 13.0.200807155



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This Acunetix update introduces Chinese language support in the user interface, so that Acunetix China users can browse the Acunetix user interface and read vulnerability data in its language. The new version shows the path fragments in the scanning site structure and introduces new vulnerability checks for Rails, SAP NetWeaver, Atlassian JIRA, etc. In addition, there are a large number of updates and patches, all of which are available for all versions of Acunetix.
new function

Acunetix now provides simplified Chinese version
Path fragments are now displayed in the site structure

New vulnerability check

New check for insecure embedded frames
New check for remote code execution of the local name provided by the user in Rails
SAP NetWeaver RECON authentication bypasses new checks for vulnerabilities
New checks in the H2 console are publicly accessible
New check for PHP version disclosure
New check for Atlassian JIRA ServiceDesk misconfiguration
New test for Jolokia XML external entity (XXE) vulnerability
New checks for WordPress core, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, Joomla and Drupal


Creation date and last update date apply to vulnerabilities
The order of parts in the comparison report has been updated to make it more intuitive
The destination address is fully displayed in the user interface
/users/ endpoint is now available in the API


Solved the problem when exporting vulnerabilities to WAF containing CVSS3.1
Fixed an issue that caused the custom user agent to not be used in all requests during the scan
Fixed an issue that caused certain vulnerabilities to be formatted incorrectly when sent to the JIRA issue tracker
Resolved an issue when adding the JIRA issue tracker in Acunetix Online
Resolved an issue caused when adding a target to an existing target group
Minor fixes in the text of the comprehensive report
Fixed the UI issue where a blank list (scan, target, etc.) was displayed when using the browser's back button
Solved the problem caused by scanning targets with complex GraphQL patterns




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Where is the crack? Don't clown us brother. Inform that you are uploading only the install. That way we can't lose our credits.