Dear Users, Please have a look to avoid getting ban !

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After implementing the credit system, we are noticing there are many users continuously creating double and multiple ids for leeching content instead of earning credits from the system. I want To warn you all, we are very strict about multiple ids and our forum rules. we can track your every id, so don't create another one. Be aware of that and start contributing to the forum for earning credits! once if you start then you will realize the earning of credit is pretty easy.

For Your More convenience please have a look at these sections again :

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that makes literally no sense, logically you could but only partially. using a VPN would instantly bypass said "tracking" method.
and if you're using browser trackers to do this any privacy browser/addon would simply bypass that as well. :/
you're better off not implying that you're tracking your users in the feature since 80% of this forum uses VPNs & privacy browsers