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Our Policy

  • Both the owners and the moderators of the forum are not at any time responsible for what their users write and share with the community, we are before a free forum, its purpose being to share knowledge and establish business between users.
  • The right of admission is reserved, being able to deny entry to any person without giving an explanation.
  • The forum is not responsible for the business carried out within it, it is simply a linking platform on which ads are created.
  • Vulgar, offensive, or otherwise obscene names will be changed. Repeated violations will result in account suspension.
  • No Links to other Forums are to be posted anyplace other than your profile, violators found posting their site link in our forums will be banned and blacklisted.
  • We reserve the right to move , remove or edit products at any time.
  • One account per household. If you are found to have more than one account, both accounts will be suspended.

Before Posting

  • Before posting any sort of Help request, including forum topics and FAQ, please use the search function to prevent repeat questions and provide you with the most timely response.
  • Use descriptive topic titles. Topic titles such as Help, Error, or Not Working are not allowed and will be removed.
  • Racism or sexism of any type is prohibited and will be punished accordingly.
  • If you are criticizing or providing feedback of a more negative nature, please back up all of your points. Don't simply reply with, I hate it, back yourself up with the specific reasons why and what could be done to improve it. This will get you much further and members are much more receptive to this type of constructive feedback.
  • Flaming or raging of any sort in not allowed and will be punished based on severity and at the discretion of the Management Team.
  • You must have at least 1 approved posts before making any sort of request. Unless you are VIP
  • Do not bump topics older than 3 weeks.
  • If a topic is locked by a Staff member, leave it; do not create a duplicate topic.
  • Responding to a any topic with "thanks", "good", "cool" or anything of the sort is considered spam. It will be treated as so by Staff and the appropriate actions will be taken.
  • Before creating a thread make sure to do it in the forum or subforum

Terms and conditions for Premium Membership

  • No refund policy
  • We will not held responsible for any file you download from here.
  • You are solely responsible for every activity.
  • When purchasing a membership, be sure to pick which package you would like when purchasing. Because once you buy a package in order to get a different membership, you will need to purchase a new upgrade.

Have a good time, act maturely, be friendly, make friends, enjoy, lets make our comunnity the best ever.

Rules are Subject to change without notice.
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