Free way to scrape Facebook emails. (4,500+ emails in 5 minutes)



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I've been more of a info-leech here than a contributor. Always asking questions with little to give back. So, I spent the last three hours figuring out how to do this and now I want to show all of you so that you can do it to and I can be of a little importance to this forum! (Please thank me if it helps you out!)

I found out in this thread that Facebook now allows you to use user's usernames to send emails directly to their private emails. I don't have money for a scraper, though, so I had to figure out how to scrape these emails manually. I also tested it on my own username and a UID of a different account of mine and found that both UIDs@facebook and usernames@facebook will work.

How long this will take is dependent on how many usernames you are scraping. Once I had this figured out, I went and scraped 4,500 emails and went through all of these steps in 5 minutes. I figure you could get 20,000+ in 10 or 15 minutes.

So here we go.

1. Get Notepad++. We're going to need it for this.

2. Go to the facebook Group that you want to scrape usernames from.

3. Click on the "members" tab.

4. Using the "end" button on your keyboard, go to the bottom of the page and click the "show more" button
at the end of the users list. Keep doing this until the list is completely shown and there is no "show more" button.
If you are on a group with thousands of members, this could take a little while. I think it shows 100ish more
users each time you click the button.

5. Right click anywhere and select "inspect element." This will bring up the console. There is a place in the console
that you can type things in. Paste this code into there: urls = $$('a'); for (url in urls) console.log ( urls.href )[/FONT][/COLOR]["]Here is an example. Delete everything that comes before them
and everything that comes after all the user URLs.

10. Get rid of all the unnecessary links like this: hxxps://
by going using the "find and replace" function. Replace them all with nothing. Just leave the "replace with" space blank.

11. Get rid of hxxps:// on each user URL by using the find and replace function.

12. Get rid of the ?fref=grp_mmbr_list VM2246:2 at the end of each user URL by using the find and replace function.
Your file should now look like this. A username, a blank line, a line with 2 in it, then a username, continuously.

13. Go to edit>line operators>remove empty lines.

14. Paste the result with no blank lines back into your Notepad++. Now we want to remove every other line that has a
random 2 in it. We can do this very easily using Notepad++.

15. Okay. Your first line should be a URL. Place your cursor on line 2, which should contain the number 2. Click on the "Macro" tab
at the top of the window and to the right. Click "start recording macro". Now, using your keyboard, press the down arrow twice,
and the delete button once.

16. Click on the Macro tab again and stop recording.

17. Click the Macro tab again and select "Run a macro multiple times." Then select "run until the end of file" and press "run." This
will go through and delete every other line. (The lines with 2 in them.) Now, edit>line operators>remove empty lines.

18. Now we have all of our usernames without all the bullshit. One more problem though, we still have a couple URLs in there that
are still in this format: profile.php?id=100000456271841&fref=grp_mmbr_listVM1543:2 --But that's okay, because we can easily
remove the "profile.php?id=" and "&fref=grp_mmbr_listVM1543:2" by using the replace function, and replacing them with nothing.

19. Now we have to add @facebook to the end of each line. This is easy. Just go to the replace function, in the "find what" box put $
and in the replace with box put "". Make sure it's set to "regular expression at the bottom, and click replace all. Here is
a picture for you to see what I'm talking about.

Hey, we're done! I now have 4,500 Facebook emails!

Please thank this post if it helped you! And, if you appreciate it enough, maybe you can explain to me how I can go about using these 4,700 emails without having to spend big bucks on some $300/mo platform. -_- I know nothing of email marketing.



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