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Let???s explore what makes SEMRUSH such an amazing SEO tool & a favorite among millions of users.

SEMRUSH makes it really easy to find what keyword your site (or any other site) is ranking for. In short, it makes keyword research a piece of cake.

Once you are done doing keyword research, you can add keywords & track their positions in all major search engines based on geographical location.

I emphasize the geographical location feature as it???s important for those who target specific countries like Spain, the U.K, Australia, India, the U.S., etc. For a global blogger, you can also use this feature to see how your site ranks in specific countries??? search engines.

It is an essential SEM (search engine marketing) tool that I believe every serious blogger and internet marketer should have in their SEO tool arsenal.

SEMRUSH is a product from the maker of SEOQuake, a popular SEO addon for Firefox.

At the time of this writing, SEMRUSH has:

more than 46,000,000 domains and
more than 120,000,000 keywords in their database.
SEMRUSH will allow you to find all of the keywords for which any existing web page on the internet is ranking. You can also find more statistical details regarding specific keywords and related keywords which you can rank for.

Position Tracking
Monitor your national, regional and local search engine positions for any keyword, domain or URL

Site Audit
Check up your website's SEO health to spot and fix issues related to crawlability, content, links, coding and much more

SEO Ideas
Get fresh optimization ideas on how to rocket your landing pages to the top of SERP by utilizing your online rivals' best SEO tactics

Social Media Tool
Get insights into your competitors' social media profiles and track the progress of your own SMM campaigns

Organic Research
See your online rivals' best keywords, discover new organic competitors and track position changes of domains

Advertising Research
Uncover your online rivals' ad strategies and budget, study their ad copies and keywords

Keyword Research
Run a thorough keyword research and give your SEO content strategy and PPC effort a significant boost

Run a deep link analysis, find out the referring domains' authority and get detailed data on your and your competitors' backlinks

Backlink Audit Tool
Discover and disavow toxic backlinks before Google penalizes you. Keep your backlink profile clean with regular recrawls

My Reports
Create and schedule fully customizable PDF reports. Share and schedule your reports to go out on a regular basis

Organic Traffic Insights
Unlock the ???not provided??? keywords, merge Analytics and Search Console data and analyze keyword potential

Display Advertising
Get every detail behind your competitors' display ads published for various devices

Video Advertising Research
Research the video advertising market and learn how to make money with your videos!

Product Listing Ads
Get insights into your competitors' product feeds and see their best-performing Product Listing Ads

Keyword Difficulty
Estimate how difficult it would be to win organic search positions for a particular keyword from your competitors

Domain vs. Domain
Run a quick yet detailed competitive analysis of up to 5 domains and visualize your results instantly

Brand Monitoring
Turn the tide of public opinion in your favor by tracking online mentions of your product, brand or service


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hello, all links doesn't work. File not available. Someone can upload plz ? I need semrush plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz