How do you prevent ransomeware attacks?



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❇ How do you prevent ransomware attacks ?

To protect against ransomware threats and other types of cyberextortion, security experts urge users to do the following:

- Back up computing devices regularly.

- Inventory all assets.

- Update software, including antivirus software.

- Have end users avoid clicking on links in emails or opening email attachments from strangers.

- Avoid paying ransoms.

- Avoid giving out personal information.

- Do not use unknown USB sticks.

- Only use known download sources.

- Personalize antispam settings.

- Monitor the network for suspicious activity.

- Use a segmented network.

- Adjust security software to scan compressed and archived files.

- Disable the web after spotting a suspicious process on a computer.

While ransomware attacks may be nearly impossible to stop, individuals and organizations can take important data protection measures to ensure that damage is minimal and recovery is as quick as possible. Strategies include the following:

• Compartmentalize authentication systems and domains.

• Keep up-to-date storage snapshots outside the primary storage pool.

• Enforce hard limits on who can access data and when access is permitted.