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“Hey there, Bryan!” And Sean threw Bryan against the lockers. Bryan was knocked down by the assault but he didn’t flinch, he just got back up and continued on his way.

“Hey” This time Sean pinned Bryan against the lockers “You need to apologize to my girlfriend for you scared her with your zombie routine.” Bryan’s face showed no reaction at all and even Sean was shaken a bit by his eyes. Eventually Sean had to put Bryan down when a teacher came up but he swore that he would break Bryan .

From that day on, Bryan would be beaten by Sean or someone else on the football team every day and as always Bryan never said a thing or even reacted. As Sean’s beating of Bryan increased, Abby began feel something strange, she began to pity him, something that she had never felt before. It took her almost a month to figure it out. She was actually starting to have feelings for the guy that never spoke and never fought back. By Thanksgiving, she had enough of her jock boyfriend beating Bryan and she dumped Sean. Of course, by this time, she had noticed that Bryan was actually extremely intelligent when you could force him to speak. This helped her make the decision to dump Sean for he was dimmer than a burnt-out light bulb. The break-up was very messy and the whole school took sides. Everyone that is but Bryan for he didn’t give a fuck. As far as he was concerned, it served that ape, Sean, right. Sean, of course blamed Bryan for him losing his girlfriend; so, Sean planned on giving Bryan a special beating.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, Sean met Bryan at the main entrance.

“You cost me my girlfriend you bastard and now you are going to pay!” With that Sean started throwing punches and kicks at Bryan. This time Abby intervened, or tried to. When she tried, Sean landed a punch on her that had sent her sliding across the floor and left her with a sore ass and a rapidly developing shiner. Sean was so pumped with adrenaline that he didn’t even notice that it was Abby until after he hit her the first time. When he did notice, he moved to pummel her. This would be her punishment for leaving him. As he was raising his hand to smack her across her face, an iron fist grabbed his wrist.

“Leave her out of this” the person connected to the fist growled. Sean spun around and found himself face-to-face with Bryan. Bryan’s eyes were now bright, clear, and full of flame; but they still had the look of death to them. Only now it was dealing it out, not taking it .

“Oh, the red-headed sissy does have feelings after all!” Sean said with a course laugh. He drew back to punch again, but this time when he went to punch Bryan, Bryan reacted. He knocked Sean’s punch out of the way and drove the heal of his hand into Sean’s nose, shattering it. Sean was knocked back and when he seen his own blood on his hand, he was furious. He charged at Bryan. Bryan just stepped out of the way and as Sean went past, he gave Sean a bit of a push. This propelled Sean head first into the lockers. Sean wasn’t knocked out, but his bell was rung for he had hit the lockers hard enough to dent them badly. He staggered upright and turned to face Bryan. Behind Bryan, he could see Abby hiding. This was the last straw and Sean pulled his knife causing everyone to scream and move back. Everyone but Bryan. He stood his ground, his face showing no emotion, and his muscles were loose. This time Sean didn’t charge, for he was intending on walking right up to Bryan and stab him in the stomach. He would then move to deal with that bitch, Abby. He was going to make sure that by the time he was done with her, that nobody would ever want to go out with her ever again. Sean walked right up to Bryan and as he was pulling back to stab Bryan; felt a sudden, sharp pain and found that he couldn’t breathe. Sean started gasping for breath, he found that he couldn’t speak, he dropped his knife, and his hands went to his throat. Bryan had delivered an extremely powerful and fast punch that hit Sean right in the larynx, crushing it. As Sean collapsed, Bryan just collected his books and continued on his way. Abby caught up with him.

“Bryan, thank you.” Bryan’s eyes had glazed back over already. He just gave her a glance and continued on his way without saying a word. Sean would spend months in the hospital and he would never again be able to speak correctly. After he got out of the hospital, he was sent to prison for assault and attempted murder. There he was raped daily. Now Abby’s campaign to get Bryan to open up to her went into high gear but time and again, she failed. No matter how hard she would flirt with him, he just ignored her. She didn’t get angry though. She had grown to see this as a challenge and one that she was determined to win at all cost. If only she knew what it would eventually cost her. She spent the time until Christmas observing him and taking notes. She had asked her friends who had him in some of their classes to do the same for her. They didn’t really agree with her, but they did anyway for she was extremely popular and very charismatic. If she was going to crack this guy then she would need intel on him. Just before Christmas break, she finally found out where he lived and she was shocked. It was a very nice home with very nice cars in the drive. His parents wore nice clothes and were friendly with everyone, but Bryan never had nice clothes and he walked everywhere he went. Abby would spend her Christmas vacation doing research on-line, bouncing ideas off her dad, and coming up with a game plan .

Abby had always been very close with her dad for he was supportive of her and almost never set hard limits on her, like her mom did. His theory was that if she got in trouble with the law then she would have to take the consequences. He was the one who knew that Abby was sexually active and had secretly got her on birth control for her mom would have flipped her lid if she knew that her baby was on birth control never mind her having sex.

It tended to get very cold in this area after Christmas and this year was no exception. This was critical to Abby’s plans. On their first day back to school, she drove by where Bryan lived and sure enough, he was walking to school with a coat that was far too thin for the conditions. Abby was actually deeply concerned for his safety for the conditions were bad enough that frostbite would be a very real possibility and she knew that he had almost a half an hour walk ahead of him.

She pulled over and rolled down her window:

“Hey Bryan, can I give you a lift to school?” When he looked at her, she swore that she was looking at a dead person for he looked much worse than he did before Christmas. Without thinking about it, she jumped out of her car and ran around to Bryan. He of course tried to side step her, but she wasn’t having it. Through forcing him to step the right way and very smooth talking, she managed to get him into her car. All through the ride, she tried to get him to talk but he never said a word, but when they finally got to school, he just sat there.

“You want to know, don’t you?” he asked suddenly.

“Yes, I do. I want to know why you never fight back, why your eyes are so glazed over, and most importantly why you defended me again my ex. Please Bryan.”
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