The latest (202010152310) plug-in update method description of Nessus v8.9.1 series



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I take it from another forum. I tested it and it's work. I'll don't give any support, don't ask my help. Do it work by yourself.

To install Nessus, look at:

The latest (202010152310) plug-in update method description of Nessus v8.9.1 series

This article has a total of 1,246 words, thank you for your patience and comments.

First of all! This article is tested on the X64 windows version of Nessus 8.9.1. For other systems, you can search under Google. It is similar. You need to download the corresponding software. You can find the download link in the above two articles or in the comment section. If the link is down, Please leave a message and wait for my update. If you are in a hurry, you can go directly to download the updated virtual machine link in the article above and import the virtual machine to eat!
To update the plug-in package, there must be a plug-in package, right, you can go to the official website to log in and refer to the content of my first article to operate. The downloaded plug-in package may be a normal plug-in package, and you can also see the plug-in package I shared. Usually the plug-in package of the pro version. For example, the plug-in package updated in this article today: all-2.0(20201015).tar.gz Even the latest Nessus plug-in package, first look at the plug-in version before the update is 202008282357:

Here are the steps to update the Nessus plug-in package, a very simple four-step process:
Step 1: Download the plug-in package all-2.0(20201015).tar.gz
Step 2: Open CMD with administrator privileges and switch to your Nessus installation directory. The default is C:\Program Files\Tenable\Nessus. Please determine your own installation path and copy the installation path.
Step 3: Use nessuscli.exe to update the plug-in package, the statement is as follows: nessuscli.exe update "C:\Users\user\Desktop\all-2.0(20201015).tar.gz" The last quote is in the quotes The content is the location of the plug-in package.
Step 4: Every time the plug-in package is updated, Nessus will automatically change our version to the home version configuration: PLUGIN_FEED = "HomeFeed (Non-commercial use only)" So we need to manually change two places (refer to the first article for location) ) The PLUGIN_FEED in the content of the file is: PLUGIN_FEED = "ProfessionalFeed (Direct)";



The updated version and updated command screenshots are as follows, for reference only:



It can also be scanned:


Nessus plugin package updated on October 15, 2020 : all-2.0(20201015).tar.gz Download:

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